Latest Publications

  • Hincks, T., Aspinall, W., Cooke, R., Gernon, T. (2018)
    Oklahoma’s induced seismicity strongly linked to wastewater injection depth.
    Science, 10.1126/science.aap7911
  • Nagler, T., Bumann, C., Czado, C. (2018)
    Model selection in sparse high-dimensional vine copula models with application to portfolio risk.
  • Barthel, N., Geerdens, C., Killiches, M., Janssen, P. and Czado, C. (2017)
    Vine copula based likelihood estimation of dependence patterns in multivariate event time data.
    Computational Statistics & Data Analysis,
  • Schallhorn, N., Kraus, D., Nagler, T. and Czado, C. (2017)
    D-vine quantile regression with discrete variables
  • Killiches, M. and Czado, C. (2017)
    A D-vine copula based model for repeated measurements extending linear mixed models with homogeneous correlation structure.

Workshops and Conferences


  • Web application for visualizing three-dimesional vines


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