Chair of Mathematical Statistics at the Business Campus



Conference on Conditional Independence Structures and Extremes

One aim of the conference is to celebrate the Carl Friedrich von Siemens Prize of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation awarded to Steffen Lauritzen from University of Copenhagen.


Short Course on Gaussian Graphical Models

In the lectures Prof. Lauritzen shall go through basic elements of undirected graphical Gaussian models, their maximum likelihood theory, and discuss features arising when additional structure such as symmetry and total positivity is taken into account. Prof. Lauritzen describes...[more]

Seminar on Financial and Actuarial Mathematics

Dates: 08.11.2016, 14.11.2016, 12.12.2016 and 23.01.2017

Seminar on Statistics and Risk Management

For an updated list of events please visit the seminar website.